The waves crashed hard against the rocks

            And the moon lit up the water

A treasure chest appeared that night

            An odd trunk like no other


The bright and sunny day began

            When the alarm began to sound

It startled the sleeping boy

            As his large hand came crashing down


He jumps and sits straight up in bed

            About to start his day

He stretches his large arms and legs

            In a big kid sort of way


He adjusts his glasses on his face

            And yet, still barely awake

To his surprise, the calendar shows

            Tomorrow a birthday cake


The kid, more than excited

            Begins to wrap his gifts

Tomorrow the only surprise would be

            Someone to share it with


He hears the sound of laughter

            It’s children outside playing

He walks over to the door

            And leaves the paper and scissors laying


He walks outside to see the kids

            And desperately wants to play

But the kids can not believe their eyes

            And laugh at his awkward way


Yet one little girl is fascinated

            And watches with amazement

The other kids are not impressed

            And tease him because he’s different


During the night, the big kid sleeps

           And dreams of a better day

here he’s jumping rope and laughing

            With other kids and asked to stay


Suddenly the calendar glowed

            With many rays of light

As beams shot all throughout the room

            And appeared a fairy that night


She is upset and saddened

            Because the boy is by himself

She sees that he’s alone

            With birthday presents on the shelf


The fairy has a great idea

            And around the place she’ll zoom

She took the trunk that washed ashore

            And put it in his room


As night begins to turn to day

            The fairy returns in place

A mark for her on the calendar

            As shape takes to the boys face


To his surprise a trunk is there

            With no one left in sight

He tries to open it every way

            But the lock is on too tight


Just as the kid has lost all hope

            Another ray of light

And magically a key appeared

            To the big kids delight


Inside he finds a present

            Wrapped in white and blue

He removes the box from the trunk

            And shakes it a bit, too


Suddenly it hops and moves

            The box shakes to and fro

The kid is somewhat shocked by this

            Now, which way will it go


The boy thinks for a moment

            “Something magical, I’ll bet.”

He reaches in to grab the toy

            Never expecting a marionette


He takes the cross bar out

            And lifts him up and down

The marionette just hangs there

            And continuously hits the ground


The sounds of children once again

            Makes the kid think for a minute

“I’ll share my surprise with all of them,”

            And proceeds to take part in it


He performs a few magic tricks

            His best are slight of hand

But the people have yet to see

            Just what the box has planned


Then for the kids final act

            He saved the best for last

The marionette came out of the box

            And waived to the people he passed


He starts to dance around the town

            The kid isn’t rejected

The marionette gives the girl a rose

            While the kid is being accepted


Later that night the kid couldn’t be

            Possibly any happier

He dreams of having lots of friends

            While the toy dreams of future days after


The marionette imagines a life that’s free

            Of a cross bar and some strings

He pictures the freedom that others have

            And awakes to what his dream means


He sees the scissors left behind

            From the present wrapping that day

He cuts the strings from his arms and legs

            And from the box, he walks away


He’s finally free and anxious

            Yet not prepared for what’s in store

He looks at the kid one last time

            And walks right out the door


The kid hears some commotion

            It’s early in the night

But he can’t go back to sleep

            Something isn’t quite right


While the marionette is adventurous

            And dealing with new strife

The woods can be an unhappy place

            But so was his past string life


While the wind blasts beside his face

            And lightning is apparent

The marionette is very scared

            And now barely coherent


The kid realizes he is gone

            And heads outside to find him

The marionette is lying on the ground

            He had fallen on a tree limb


The kid carries him inside

            And with any hope he had

He tugs upon leftover strings

            Unsuccessful, he’s left sad


Suddenly, a bright light appeared

            From the calendar on the wall

Again, the magical fairy is near

            And took notice to the marionette’s fall


She uses her power magically

            To change the sad face of the kid

For the marionette brought him friendship

            Like no one else ever did


The marionette slowly came alive

            The kid is getting anxious

To reattach the strings to him

            As he starts to regain consciousness


The marionette looks at the kid

            He wants to be his friend

But a life without the puppet strings

Is where his life begins


The kid understands completely

            And agrees to start a new

And value life together

            That so few friends often do


The kid has learned much more

            The marionette isn’t just a toy

He taught him the value of friendship

            To his life, he added joy


The boy has learned extensively

            The marionette is one to treasure

And a life without the use of strings

            Creates a friendship that lasts forever



Story by Nicolas J. & Bill Rodd

Poetry by Bernadette Martin

Illustrations by Christian Cordella